Volunteer Leader & Land Stewardship (VLLS)

  • Are you losing volunteers from your club or group?
  • Are you finding personalities an issue in your chosen recreation?
  • Are your meetings unproductive and do they run way too long?
  • Would you like to become a better public speaker?
  • Do you wish you had a better system for organizing events, runs and meetings?
  • If you answered yes to any of these, then VLLS is your solution!

A hands-on, on-site workshop for volunteer leaders who want to learn how to inspire, motivate and facilitate volunteers while avoiding burnout. Focused on real leadership and supervision techniques, with a huge dose of team building, VLLS offers the sum of 35 years of tips and tricks on how to get people to voluntarily get the job done and be happy about doing it.

Subjects include basic supervision, public speaking, volunteerism, motivational techniques, aerobic listening, event and conference organization, the Recreational Incident Command System (RICS), trail and project organization and supervision, basic human interaction and many other subjects. Each workshop is adapted to some extent to the attendees and their special interests. VLLS is based on the correspondence course, the Recreational Leadership Training Course (RLTC) also offered by Del Albright.

VLLS is a one-of-a-kind training for volunteers. There is nothing else like it. Some attendees have called it a "boot camp" for being a volunteer leader. Workshops vary from three to four days, depending on the local interest, and are usually held on weekends (including Fridays). Evening sessions are to be expected. Attendees have commented that VLLS helped not only their volunteer life, but also their personal and work lives. It is a course you will never forget. Certificates are issued to successful graduates.

More info will be posted here as the workshops are scheduled. Email me if you have questions.

Start Your Leadership Training with the Recreational Leadership Correspondence Course (RLTC)


  • How to manage meetings.
  • NEPA.
  • Membership building.
  • Public Speaking.
  • Dealing with Bureaucracy.
  • Facilitation.
  • Basic Supervision.
  • Event Organization.
  • Leadership.
  • How to inspire volunteers.
  • To motivate those around you.
  • Recreational Incident Command System (RICS).
  • Team building.
  • and many other topics.


Feb. 27 – Mar.1st, 2015, Sacramento area, CA

Presented by BFGoodrich Tires and Omix-ADA/Rugged Ridge
Sponsors include Poly Performance, Synergy Manufacturing, Raceline Wheels, Poison Spyder Customs

CA4WDC, Rubicon Trail Foundation (RTF), and the CA4WDC Conservation & Education Foundation

With a special dinner provided by MetalCloak

(September 14, 2014). The one-of-a-kind hands-on landuse and leadership boot camp, Volunteer Leader & Land Stewardship (VLLS) Workshop is scheduled for the weekend of Feb. 28th, 2015, developed and presented by Del Albright. Student applications are available now to get your name in the hat early for limited seating.  Apply even if you aren’t sure you can make it, but want to be kept in the list of available seats.  35 students are expected to attend this workshop.

VLLS 2015 is going to be the revival of volunteer training that started in 2004 to develop more leaders in volunteer organizations/clubs fighting for landuse, trails and access to public lands. This will be workshop #5 since the course started as the follow-up, hands-on portion of online training, Recreational Leadership Training Course (RLTC at www.rltc.biz).

LEARN: There is no other training like this in the country! Learn tips and tricks galore in landuse, leadership, and supervision, including:

  • team-building
  • how to supervise and nurture volunteers
  • how not to burnout
  • tips for dealing with politicians and bureaucrats
  • trails maintenance and water issues
  • land stewardship concepts
  • how to run better meetings
  • secrets to public speaking
  • letter writing
  • event organization
  • how to inspire and motivate others
  • and much, much more

DETAILS: Check in will be Thursday night (2/26); Graduation will be Sunday afternoon (3/1). Students must commit to full weekend in the classroom, starting Thursday night and ending Sunday mid-afternoon. Lodging is provided as part of the training package. Local students may make special arrangements for other lodging or home lodging if critically necessary.

NO COST: Course is (mostly) free to students (including lodging); some meals and individual travel arrangements will need to be provided by students; but all training material, lodging, training facilities will be covered by business and organizational partners/sponsors.

TOPICS: More on subject matter here: http://www.rltc.biz/vlls.  VLLS was written and developed by Del Albright as an extension of the online (via email) Recreational Leadership Training Course (RLTC) developed by Del to teach volunteers how to inspire, motivate and facilitate others in keeping trails open, our sports alive, and our public lands available to all.

SPONSORS:  Sponsors make this course possible.  They believe enough in keeping trails open and our sports alive that they are willing to invest substantially in giving you an opportunity to elevate your effectiveness in landuse and leadership.

The premier partners presenting this workshop are BFGoodrich Tires and Omix-ADA/Rugged Ridge.  Other sponsors include Poly Performance, Synergy Manufacturing, Raceline Wheels, Poison Spyder Customs, MetalCloak, CA4WDC, Rubicon Trail Foundation (RTF), and the CA4WDC  Conservation & Education Foundation.  Please pay them a visit and THANK them for supporting landuse and leadership training for our future. 

APPLY NOW!: Student Application here:  http://www.delalbright.com/RLTC/vlls_student_application.doc